7 tips for easily raising your personal brand’s value



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Everybody should be curious about how much the work they did so far counts, what is their personal brand’s worth. It is interesting and important to know how we compare to others, where we can go from here and now, with the brand new function of work.buzz you can learn all of that. Based on a professional algorithm and percentage based system, using the data you provided we calculate your personal brand’s value and your position compared to other users in your industry. You can check out all of this in your work.buzz account, on your Dashboard.

Here, we give you a few more ideas on how to raise that score:

1.       Social media is everywhere and an inescapable part of our lives. It’s not a surprise, given it’s power in helping people to connect, learn about their surroundings, the world and even help to find a possible new workplace. For these reasons now you can gain an extra 5% for every social media account you connect with your work.buzz profile, let that be Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or any other platform.

2.       Is there a company you work with, either as an employee or an outsider consultant? Join the company on work.buzz and gain +1% to your personal brand’s value.

3.       On your personal website you can display any information you deem important about yourself and you can forward it to your friends or future employers. Besides you also get +10%.

4.       Do you speak multiple languages? You are able to understand and hold a conservation with anybody abroad or from a foreign country? Then you have +10%, as this is the reward for speaking a foreign language on intermediate or higher level.

5.     On the digital business card, offered by work.buzz you can display your choosen data in a unique way. Even more, you can use it as a digital signature on your LinkedIn page or send it to your current or soon-to-be business partners and share it on different platforms. It’s not only incredibly useful, but also means another +1% for your personal brand, if you share this creative introductory method with the world.

6.       You can also easily showcase your projects and publications on your profile, and sharing them will also earn you an additional 1%.

7.       Are you proud of your studies, courses and knowledge? You should be, because for every uploaded qualification you gain +3%, this way you can see, that you have a lot to be proud of and improving yourself is always worth it.

We hope our advice can help you enhance the value of your personal brand and skyrocket your career. Improvement is always worth the trouble, as this is how we can become the person and professional we wish ourselves to be. You have to start working towards your wanted goal now and show everybody your successes! Just keep going and don’t forget: be the best!

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