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sandorszilvia.pngThe public choice favourite in the category “IT Freelancer of the Year”, Sándor Szilvia was working as an employee for several years and became a freelancer.

More than 1/3 of the university students want to start their careers as freelancers in the USA and in the more advanced countries of Europe. We know from domestic researches, that this generation’s expectations about their future jobs are for them to be sufficiently flexible. But it is yet common for the elder generations that they only choose this lifestyle by necessity: cutbacks, the cascading tempo or the sicknesses caused by stress.

Sándor Szilvia had worked as an IT project manager and test-manager for more than 25 years in the bank sector, but sickness made her realize, that it was time to change.

Walking on the road of self-awareness and heeling, she learned Bach-therapy, coaching, massage, astrology and crystal-jewellery making. After some time, she started using these to help others. But the financial never left her side, she received many offers during her “time-out”, and finally she came back as a freelancer to the bank sector after 3 years. She is also regularly working as an IT manager and test-manager since then, but – likewise other freelancers – she is also active in her other roles.

“I have gained a lot of experience during my work in the financial sector.
I was always looking for new tasks and challenges. I like to work as an
independent expert, because my schedule is flexible, so I can keep up
the balance between my work and my family. I’m achievement oriented,
and reach my ambitions by the available resources.“

The biggest value of working as a freelancer for her is only taking the most interesting, a most challenging tasks on, and for the rest of time she can work in a helping role, so her life is balanced.

“A quote and a saying came to my mind to write down here:
“Business is the men’s job, (…) yet it is surprising, that if fate
works it out another way, us, women can also sort it out very well.”
Maureen Lindley

I don’t know impossible, I only know helpless.”

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