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soosalexandra.pngThe winner of the category “Digital Nomad of the Year” was Soós Alexandra, who has already achieved her plans at the age of 25.

There are people, who like to travel, others who like to write blogs, and the travelling blogger likes both of them at the same time. In a fortunate case it’s not only hobby, but also a source of income.

Soós Alexandra is a marketing administrator, but also a travelling blogger, the originator of the Te utazásod” travelling service

She is teleworking as a marketing administrator, but also working on actualizing her own ideas. Thus, she is regularly writing her travelling blog and planning the start of her travelling service.

“I’m working in a distance of 200 km from my current employer every day.
I love that in the present-day world working is not restricted to just one place,
so I can work from anywhere in the world with a laptop in my hand.
It’s really important for me, because I love to travel and explore.
I can freely write my travelling blog and I can help
others as a consultant to get to their dream journeys.“

She started her career as an accountant, but she couldn’t find herself in it, so she decided to change. The recognition came during an inspirational enterprise training, that she wanted to work in the field of travelling. But she also wanted to help with it. So, the blog was created. Her big plan for 2019 is to launch her own service named “Te utazásod”, which would help others with ideas to plan their own journeys without investing into expensive travel agencies

“I think that future generations will consist of
many digital nomads, who will have more jobs
at the same time, and will do things that really inspires them.” 

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