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radnoti.jpgFreelancers are not only free in the choice between jobs or in connection with working time, but they are also free in choosing their professions.

 In the selection process of companies, it often causes confusion, when someone knows how to deal with more than one professions, or deals with more than one job. The least that happens, is that the HR personnel gets very surprised, when someone has tried more than one kind of job in their lives, but the more critical people will straight up label them unreliable. On the contrary, freelancer can proudly embrace their versatility, without the fear of being stigmatized. They can bravely allow themselves being professionals in more than one roles.

Radnóti Mária became the public choice favourite in the category “Freelancer of the Year”. She is also experienced in many professions, and she does all of them simultaneously. But as a freelancer, no one is asking her “Which one is your real job?”. Because one day it is this one, the other day, it’s an other one. 

“Dear Reader, I am Maris, dream warrior. I would like to encourage and motivate you,
that even as a 23 year old, you can start a university and do well at a male dominated occupation.
Learning a new and for you alien-like profession in the interest of reaching your goal.
i>All dreams can be achieved, if you accept, that you have to take steps in order to reach it,
and you don’t wait for it to just fall into your lap. You have to accept, that outsiders will only see
your success, but you crying sometimes or pulling your hair out will be mostly unenviable.
But you will have a chance to get to know your greatness, just never give up trying!”

After secondary school she didn’t get into university, so she had to get a job. Because of her past in dancing, she started coaching at a dance organization. After that she applied to university as a computer scientist.  She thought it would be good to make money, but driven by her desires, she also got hold of 5 more professions. After getting her diploma, she immediately started an enterprise. As a 28 year old, she already was introduced to having more responsibility, but being your own boss.

She never stopped getting new professions. Her new “love-project” is the development and advertising of time management mentorship. The biggest advantage for her in freelancing is the freedom in the choice between professions and doing multiple jobs at a time.

“I like to develop, learn, attain goals, get to know people in the process,
be the builder of connections and help other, who believe in their dreams.
I am a big fan of animals, and if money was not important, I would create
an enormous animal park, with loads of workplaces for other animal-lovers.“ 

She was the first to apply for the “Freelancer of the Year” contest. She had some doubts about fitting in or having a chance, but she had nothing to lose, so she applied. She got tons of positive feedback from familiars and strangers during the contest. She became a role model in the offline and online community, a few of her friend are already planning on applying for the contest next year. Also, thanks to the prize, she can be seen as a more authentic person online.

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