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MarczinkoAgnes.pngThe winner of the category “IT Freelancer of the Year” was Marczinkó Ágnes, who although working in marketing, is also intensely using her IT vein.

There are many professionals working in fields like online marketing, telesales, support, programming and design amongst the freelancers. These are the kind of jobs that don’t require the face-to-face meetings with the clients.

In view of these things, it’s not surprising, that the winner of the “IT Freelancer of the Year” category was a lady fundamentally working in the marketing field.

She entered the contest with the motivation to show others that marketing is not just about the creative side, but is also about the numbers (anticipated increase in revenue). She wanted to show that marketing is a broad concept, and IT, statistics, data and revenue are also important parts of it.

“I’m a freelancer online marketer.
My expertise is handling online (Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads)
advertisements for small and medium-sized enterprises.
My creed is that you can reach good results
from only 10.000 Ft a month. Look me up
if you want to grow together!”

She wanted to publicize the PPC (Pay/click) profession. But at the same time, it was a serious personal decision to also show her freelancer self to her acquaintances.

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