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juhaszdori.pngThe public choice favourite in the category “Digital Nomad of the Year”, Juhász Dóra is currently travelling and working in South America.

Perhaps the concept of being a digital nomad is not unknown for many people nowadays. But who are they actually, what are they doing, how are they living? On the website of “Backpacker” Bori, one of the most well-known digital nomad in Hungary, she says, that “This is a lifestyle, where you carry your work with yourself, and you don’t work in an office.”  This requires a type of job, that doesn’t need a personal presence. From this point you can work from a café in Budapest, but also from a distant part of the world.

Juhász Dóra is currently travelling in South America, usually changing her “station” once a month. She is also setting up one of the biggest and most well-known event for the international freelancer community from here, which is called the Nomad Cruise. But she is also a coach, hobby salsa-dancer, dance-therapist, project manager and an event planner.

After being an employee for 7 years and travelling some, she decided to alloy these two things and become a digital nomad. Namely she is working in distant countries. This is how she got to the Nomad Cruise, first as a participant, then as a volunteer and now she is one of the organizers. 

Likewise other freelancers, she is diversified, her freedom is expressed through her choice of profession(s). Beside organizing events, she is also engaged in social media marketing, in coaching to help other in the changing process, and in dance-therapy based on her past as a hobby salsa dancer.

“I’m Dóri and dancing and travelling are my passions.
My life as a digital nomad started, when I had the decision
to reach my biggest dream at whatever cost and travel to Cuba.
This decision helped me to achieve this fantastic free life,
that I’m living now. Freedom is certainly the biggest blessing
and challenge of this lifestyle. You can do whatever you want!
The possibilities are limitless, the choices only depend on you.
The pint is to find your happiness in it. I have found it as a nomad :).”

Despite all of this, being a “real” freelancer or a “real” digital nomad has never occurred in her head until the Freelancer of the Year contest. The competition and the voters gave her legitimation of her “nomadness”.

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