7 tips for YOU to easily raise your brand value!

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Everyone is wondering about what their “brand value” is, what the result of their struggles is, based on their lives’ work up until now. It’s interesting and useful to know, where you are standing on the “social ladder”, what areas can you improve, and by the new function of work.buzz, you get an opportunity to see this. We can determine this value with an appropriate algorithm and a percentage system based on your uploaded items, and also determine your place compared to the other users in your specialization. You can take a look at this under your work.buzz profile’s Dashboard menu item.

In addition, there are some options for you to easily raise your brand value:

1.       Nowadays social media plays an important role in almost everyone’s life. The reason for this could be keeping contact with others, being interested in our world and surroundings, but even looking for a job. That’s why you can get +5% for every platform connected to your profile (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter).

2.       Is there a company you work for either as a co-worker or an external expert? Connect yourself to it and +1% will be instantly added to your brand value.

3.       You will be able to show all the important information about yourself on your personal page, and you can send it anytime to your friends, or even to your prospective employers. Moreover, you get +10% for it.

4.       Are you able to speak any universal languages? Can you always make yourself understood and converse with anyone abroad? Then you can have this +10% in your pocket already, because this is the reward for every, at least medium level language skill.

5.       Work.buzz is offering you a digital business card, which contains your data in a very unique way, and can be used to show who you are in a pretty personalized way. Moreover, it can be used as a signature on your LinkedIn profile, and you can send it to your present-day or prospective partners, and share it on various platforms. Not only is this astonishingly useful, but it means +1% for you, if you share this creative way of introduction with the world.

6.       Your publications and projects can also be easily demonstrated to others, and you get +1% for sharing them.

7.     Are you proud of your education, qualifications and your knowledge? You are doing it right, because for every qualification uploaded, you receive +3%, so that you know, that it is worth always improving yourself and it is something to be proud of.

We hope that You will be able to raise your brand value with our tips, and you will just rush to the top of the list. It is always worth improving, because this is the way to eventually become someone, you want to, both professionally and humanly. But we have to start the coveted change and the showing of our successes now. Keep it up, and let the goal guide you: be the best!


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